Monday, 28 April 2014

How pure the shot?


Fun shoot last week - working on a promo for Aurora Orchestra and their latest concert "How Pure The Sky" with countertenor Iestyn Davies.

The theme of the concert is all things celestial - so we needed a visual way to convey this idea of getting into the heavens, and contemplating our place under them...  Our solution was to employ a great bit of kit - the Sky Moth.

The film below is a little behind the scenes clip showing how we got the signature shot we were after - which wasn't easy as the weather was definitely against us - which made for a dramatic sky backdrop, but also made operating the Skymoth a bit tricky...

Thanks go to Dan and Michael from Skyvue for their efforts in such unfavorable weather and BIG thanks to Iestyn for agreeing to lie down in a wet, muddy field in the rain...

...and here is the full trailer for anyone wanting details about the concert:


  1. Terrific. I love how the striations in the grass at the end look like constellation maps.

    1. Thanks! - I would love to be able to tell you that was planned all along, serendipity at work...