Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Power of Sport!


Been working with our brilliant local charity WheelPower his week.  We are creating various short films for them, to help get the word out about the amazing and transformative work they do.

This week it was The National Junior Games where school kids with various disabilities were able to try out a variety of sports - all with the aim of helping them to find a sport they love, to encourage them to lead healthy and active lifestyles, no matter what disability they may have.

The motto of the day was "have a go" - which Paul took literally:

Wherever you pointed the camera you got great shots of either steely determination in the eyes of the kids or just massive smiles!

Stoke Mandeville Hospital has a long and very proud history of helping disabled people - and WheelPower do a fantastic job of keeping this tradition alive with the sporting activities and events they run.  Check out their site if you have a chance.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Tasty Tony Singh

Not sure how best to describe Tony Singh, one half of BBC2's 'Incredible Spice Men'.  Maybe eccentric, definitely unique; with his thick Scottish accent, his brightly coloured turbans and his passion for concocting finger licking delicious grub, he certainly knows how to put an interesting cookery book together.  We recently had the pleasure of filming him for his book launch, luckily there were still some delicious morsels left-over in the studio from the earlier photo-shoot and like Tony says; they were Tasty!

Monday, 28 April 2014

How pure the shot?


Fun shoot last week - working on a promo for Aurora Orchestra and their latest concert "How Pure The Sky" with countertenor Iestyn Davies.

The theme of the concert is all things celestial - so we needed a visual way to convey this idea of getting into the heavens, and contemplating our place under them...  Our solution was to employ a great bit of kit - the Sky Moth.

The film below is a little behind the scenes clip showing how we got the signature shot we were after - which wasn't easy as the weather was definitely against us - which made for a dramatic sky backdrop, but also made operating the Skymoth a bit tricky...

Thanks go to Dan and Michael from Skyvue for their efforts in such unfavorable weather and BIG thanks to Iestyn for agreeing to lie down in a wet, muddy field in the rain...

...and here is the full trailer for anyone wanting details about the concert:

Monday, 14 April 2014

Berlin Bound

Paul and I have just returned from a super-quick shoot in Berlin.  We were covering a conference and creating some film content with a quick turnaround edit.  All good stuff.  Most impressive though - speaking as tech geeks - was the AV set up at the conference itself.

we've covered a lot of conferences in the past - but this one was just brimming with technology - to be fair, there was quite a large room to cover...

each attendee had their own iPad to interact with the presenters, ask questions, vote on topics etc - very, very smart.

Is there such a condition as "tech-envy"?

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

A Proper Cuppa

Just finished shooting @Cafedirect 's new delicious One Acre Teas
We love the new packaging, (well done Mayday London for the design work).  If you want to try them you can purchase from the Caf├ędirect website with the new Slingshot tool thingy.  Isn't life splendid!

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Rainmaker Causing a Storm

@AgnitioCLM @eyeforpharma #e4pbarca .

Super pleased that the Rainmaker launch trailer is grabbing attention!

We're back in town today after an epic 2 day trip filming at #e4pbarca.  One of our tasks was to shoot & edit the presentation of Agnitio's revolutionary new software platform Rainmaker, which was launched at the event, and then launched online on Tuesday evening.

In the weeks running up to the conference we produced a promo advertising the launch, which apparently attracted quite a bit of attention within the industry!  Here's an announcement of the launch in the medical media, including a mini review...

Watch the trailer

Monday, 3 March 2014

5 Faces of Darkness

Spent Saturday filming with Sean Hogan again for a promo for Justin Greaves' new musical adventure, Se Delan.  We sat down with the legend that is actor Billy Clarke, who previously collaborated with Sean on The Devil's Business as well as a few other projects.  Sean is directing and editing the promo, which is going to be a strange journey through the mind, with the image of Billy's visage in various twisted states set to the dark soundtrack of the song.  I'm not afraid to admit that at times it got very emotional on set.

As always working with Sean and Billy is an absolute pleasure, and we were blown away by the make-up skills of Chloe Edwards.. frightening!

Here's a teaser image comped from screengrabs from the promo, which I expect will be coming soon to all reputable vendors of great music..

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Northern Rock


Spent last Saturday shooting the promo for 'Northern Comfort', a track from the new Crippled Black Phoenix album White Light Generator (out next month!).  Our old war buddy Sean Hogan directing, Nick & I filming.

We've been fans of CPB for years so it's pretty exciting to be collaborating on this film.  It was a nice, relaxed day - promo shoots can get notoriously long, but everyone enjoyed themselves. Big thanks to Chris' partner for the most welcome lunch!  The band were great, stayed focused and rocking for the whole day which made it so easy for us.  Most importantly, the track itself sounds wicked, and hopefully we can do it justice with some cool visuals.

Another great thing was that we got to roll out the Canon C100 and really let rip - it was just one of those days when everything you wave the camera at looks effortlessly cool!

So the footage of the band is in the can, Sean is now shooting some bizarre sounding stuff to finish the rest of the story involving a doll house.

Expecting something very, very dark...

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

John Whaite Bakes again...


Jim and I spent a mouth watering day last week working on a couple of recipe films for the gastronomic talent that is Mr John Whaite.

John is great to work with (we did some recipes with him last year) - he is a lot of fun on set and really knows how to "bake for the camera".

We were filming a couple of recipes from his upcoming book - and they were absolutely delicious.  (one of the perks of these shoots is eating the end result once the filming is done!)

I don't want to give anything away about the secrets behind the recipes themselves 'cos we're still working on the edit...you'll just have to Whaite and see the films when they're released... (see what I did there?) but suffice to say - they were baked to perfection.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Too busy for the likes of you!

OK so none of us have blogged since November, very slack there's no denying it.  Here's a taste of what we've been busy with:

The Aurora 2014 brochure and promo complete.

Black Friday happened and we were on the scene to help Asda to document the momentous occasion with both stills and film.  (Nick even made it into the Evening Standard!)


We also helped Asda champion their British cattle farmers although some of the places we visited were less easy to get to than others:

We shot an instruction maintenance guide for RGK Wheelchairs and Wheelpower which is still in the edit phase.  These guys supplied some of the British athletes with their chairs during the olympics:

There was a report from INREV...

Investors bullish about real estate in 2014 from INREV on Vimeo.

Our Promo for Leiths School of Food and Wine went live!

and of course Pearl became the latest member of 'Family Stanton'.