Friday, 31 May 2013

Sparks flew!

One of the main things I love about doing this job is that we get to go "behind-the-scenes" at various places that ordinary mortals would not be allowed to go...

And yesterday was one of those days - Jim and I visited a high(ish) rise building site in Holborn to interview a building apprentice who was extolling the virtues of a career in the construction industry.

In fact he was actually promoting a new scheme to get people to visit building sites with a view to inspiring them to join the industry itself...kinda a "behind-the-scenes" day on site if you will...

Despite the grey skies - it was a fun little shoot - although it was difficult to wear headphones and a hard hat...

Something about getting dolled up in PPE equipment always makes me feel like I'm doing a proper job(!)

Indie BBQ

Chuffed to see our Asda Memphis BBQ Championships film and photography in today's @Independent. Cheers to @SAMuston and @asda.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Why? And what for?

Just uploaded the latest @auroraorchestra Trailer:

Tickets are on sale now for Sunday 9th June.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Goin' to Graceland, Graceland...

During our recent trip to Memphis - Paul and I paid a (very) brief visit to Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley.  Although we only had time to check out the house from the outside and the signage, it was amazing to see how many people, quite literally, pilgrimage there.  Paul and I paid our respects in our own unique way.


We also paid a little visit to Sun Records, where Paul got sing on the actual mic that "The King" himself used to record numerous Rock and Roll classics...

The purpose of the trip was to actually capture the sights and sounds of the Memphis World Barbecue Championships - for both ASDA and for a couple of journalists who were also along for the ride.  Alice-Azania Jarvis from the Daily Mail has already posted her report and I'm pleased to say that she used quite a few of our shots.

There is going to be an additional piece by Sam Muston at the Independent - which will also hopefully include the film we shot, which Paul is currently putting together now...

Quite a trip.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Finger Lickin' Good

On Monday Nick & I returned from Memphis, Tennessee, home of the World BBQ Championships.

The meat buying team from Asda have been running inspiration trips there for a couple of years now, investigating local BBQ techniques and flavours, sauces and ingredients to help inspire their own product ranges.  They were the only team from the UK (in fact one of the only teams from outside the US) represented at the Championships, and entered the Brisket (beef) and Pork Ribs categories in the competition.

They kindly took us with them this year to document their experience, the sights & smells of the festival, the highs and lows of the competition along with the flavour of Memphis itself.  Personal highlights included standing on the very spot Johnny Cash recorded so many hits at Sun Studio, and spending a quiet moment at the Lorraine Motel, the site of Martin Luther King's assassination.  Also enjoyed eating fried chicken from Gus's, drinking at Ernestine & Hazel's, and being allowed to sample so much wonderfully cooked meat as we roamed the festival interviewing random Good Ol' Boys.

Unfortunately the Asda team didn't rank in the top 10, but it was all about taking part in the experience.  Thanks to everyone who looked after us (Jimmy the bellhop, Ryan the alcoholic Commodities Trader and 'Mike' the cabbie), and here's to the world famous Southern hospitality!

A few iphone memories...

A massive BBQ'ed pig's head on a spike, smoking a fag

Ran into Adam Richman from Man Vs Food.  COYS!!!
Soul burger!
Maximum beef

Heh, funny selfie opportunities no.122

Ol man river