Friday, 27 August 2010

Fright Fest 2010

Just finished the title sequence for FrightFest...Creepy!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

stormy weather

Weird call last week, we were asked to shoot some PR shots for a new client.  Mattesons have sponsored Storm Freerun, a group of London-based Parkour & freerunners, and they wanted some images of them alongside a pair of glamour models, as well as 5 tutorial films showing off some simple techniques.

We had a really good day, started early at the skate park on the South Bank where we fired off a few shots.  Then we headed over to a stairwell near the iMax which is a popular practicing spot for freerunners, who were there buzzing around all day, happy to meet a few of their heroes form Storm).  We pinged off a few more shots and shot the tutorial films.

We shot with a 3 camera setup, shooting 75fps on the Z7, which produced some fantastic results!  After a few test shots of Nick belting around in the garden in the rain, I was happy that we had a project that was worth breaking out the slo-mo for!

As well as the old FX-1 for backup, we shot on our new baby, a Canon 5D.  It's our first time shooting 1080p in anger on the 5D and the results are niiize!  We are very, very impressed.  Have a look...

Friday, 6 August 2010


This week we've been filming this year's graduating chef's from the Jamie Oliver Fifteen Foundation.  We set up a white infinity cove studio on a spare floor of the Westland Place Restaurant and asked each chef a few questions (some poignant, some messing around).

We got some touching, varied & funny responses that should cut together into a great little piece that will be shown at the graduation ceremony, we're looking forward to it....