Tuesday, 7 December 2010

its Magic!

Just a quick snippet of tech-related news...we are trying out a new bit of Apple gadgetry, the Magic Trackpad. We actually got this little beauty for free from Apple, following on from a catalogue of mistakes they made trying to sort out a new MacPro we just took delivery of...anyway, that is a whole other story....

So, we received this little aluminum pad a couple of days ago and hooked it up (via bluetooth)...Jim is curently using it with Motion (while he cooks up a little animation we are working on for Caf├ędirect - look out for that when its done...) and so far he seems to love it!

Haven't had a go myself yet - but it takes advantage of multitouch technology and allows you to pretty much do away with the trusty old mouse! - will it catch on? time will tell - but its already made a good impression with one of our number...

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